Saturday, February 23, 2013


We homeschoolers joke about socialization but honestly I am not opposed to socialization...the Bible calls it fellowship and I see Biblically that it is very very important, in fact I think God created us for relationship. He, Himself wanted walk with Adam in the cool of the day. We are made in His image and likeness, we too are designed to fellowship. God intends for us to have relationships, even messy relationships. I WANT my kids to interact with others. I, myself want to have friends. The issue isnt to shelter or not to shelter. The issue is always the KIND of influences my children are subjected to. It is very hard to find good Godly peers, especially for my kids. Im surprised that people think relationships are a valid reason to immerse ones children in a satanic culture. Fellowship is indeed important but not as important as my childs heart. So if the choice is ungodly friends or no friends at all then the choice is no peer friends at all. Easy. My husband and I have found alternatives to typical peer friendships for our kids.

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