Thursday, April 23, 2009

Christianity For Dummies

Bill Gothard, Michael Pearl,Vision Forum,Denny Kenaston I have bookshelves full of these ministries books. I love books about the Lord, homeschooling, family, and marriage. I will be the first to admit that I have had to repent over my reliance on books instead of The Book. I'm lazy and would rather read a book than take time to pray and listen. Just tell me what to do. I can check off the boxes. Relationship takes time and effort, plus God may tell me something I don't want to hear.

Some of these men who put forth these resources are 95% right and that is very attractive to me. I like right. Some of these men are very rigid and structured with 1.2.3. steps to a Godlier home. This appeals to me also. I like a reliable system. Just tell me what to do. Just show me the plans. Cultivate relationship with Jesus? Who has time for that?

We are all humans with separate and distinct dynamics vary greatly. Only God knows what His will may be for each individual home, each child within the home.We cant look for a Vision Forum book to dictate our home/children's destiny.

Perhaps God purposely didn't make a rigid method for our home lives specifically because He wants relationship. He wants us to ask Him what to do. He knows we are all different and your answer may not be mine. We are married to Him. Every marriage is different.

I really don't think any of the parenting philosophies put forth by the ministries I mentioned are wrong in themselves it is the execution sans faith....Cain and Abel both offered a sacrifice....only Abels was accepted because it was brought in faith. Its not that God didn't like Cains vegetables....Cain just didn't offer it in faith.We tend to focus on the parenting style as the reason it did or didn't work and forget that God is always much more concerned with our hearts than He is our techniques.Its easier on the flesh to read a book and follow 1.2.3. than it is to pray and seek Him.


  1. You know, don't be surprised if I just start posting links on my blog with your posts, saying "ditto for me....". Seriously. You don't know how many times I read your posts and think that I could have written it myself, it so much echoes the way I think and some of my own struggles.

    Thank you, once again. I'm really thankful that our paths have crossed. I guess God knew that I needed to see that there was someone else out there similar to me who very often gave very helpful hints or suggestions.

    This is one of the best things about the blogging world, in my opinion.

  2. Very well said. That's why there are so many legalists who follow those men. Legalism is easy.

  3. Very well written! I clearly remember a time, several years ago when I was standing at a table in a bookstore looking over a mountain of self-help books. How to have a good marriage, How to have well behaved children, What to eat, How to be successful, etc. I've always loved reading and these were interesting to me because they gave me specific application steps for my life. Before I could choose the next book that would "help" me, I was convicted that I already had the book that covered all these topics, and more - The BIBLE. However, it did require daily interaction on my part with the Lord. I am so thankful that I can turn to our Father and ask for His direction in my life and then trust completely that He will guide me. There is nothing wrong with reading other books, but His Word must come first, and we must pray for discernment and wisdom in choosing what else we read.

  4. Darla,

    Thank you for the kind words, I feel the same way about you. I have found a *kindered spirit* and I just love that you are from Canada!

  5. Stacey,

    Your comment reminded me of the fact that even our Bible is not enough. If we dont have the Spirit of God the Word of God is just words. There are many theologians who can recite the text in Hebrew and Greek but have no relationship. We must be born again and then His word becomes the Living Word. Thank you for your comment, thank you all for the comments.