Thursday, April 23, 2009


So yesterday I posted about how I tend to rely too heavily on Christan ministries and neglect the Minister Himself. Today I am going to post about some of the tools that have truly blessed me ...when used in moderation...of course.

Bro. Denny has put out this set of messages called THE GODLY HOME SERIES. Of all the ministries I have gleaned from, Bro Denny's is the most heart felt and heart changing. He speaks from the heart about gaining and molding our children's hearts. My husband and I have been so blessed by THE GODLY HOME SERIES. He gives it away if you cannot afford it. I highly recommend it.

Doug Phillips is the founder of Vision Forum Ministries. My husband and I saw him last year at a home school book fair. We have bought and been blessed by many of his resources. He is a little guy with a strong vision for families and particularly the generational momentum a Godly family can produce. He is also an awesome salesman. ;-)Good stuff. Worth a gander in my opinion.

Bill Gothard started his ministry way back in the 70s. He has never married and although he is in his older years still speaks around the country. My husband and a brother went and saw him in Dallas and his talk and resources changed my husbands life. My husband called from the conference choked up telling me about the wonderful vision that was being shared by Mr. Gothard. Good stuff but alot of *7 steps to Jesus* type stuff too so proceed with caution. Easy to get caught up in the methods and formulas he presents. He also has alot of rules and exclusive clubs that you can only be a member of if you pledge to follow the rules.

Micheal and Debi Pearl operate No Greater Joy Ministries. They have alot of practical child training resources. They are a bit self righteous and condescending but still put out alot of good helpful information. I think if you just follow the rigid side of this ministry without adding a hefty dose of grace and mercy you could be disappointed to discover your children are human. Debis book Created To Be His Helpmeet is a book every wife should read.

Above Rubies by Nancy Campbell is my favorite magazine and again it is free if you cannot afford a subscription. It comes out sporadically as they can afford to print. I love the adoption stories and appreciate the wholesomeness of this magazine.

So, have you used any of these resources? Were they helpful? Who has blessed your home?


  1. We get the No Greater Joy magazine and I really enjoy it. We also really like Raising Godly Tomatoes and the teachings of Voddie Baucham.

    Great post! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Thank you for posting about these books. I am excited to have books tried & true to read.

  3. My husband and I came across To Train Up A Child by Mike and Debbie Pearl years ago at a homeschooling convention when my 2 kids were still pretty young. This book helped us out immensely in disciplining and training our children. For a while, we were giving the books away to new parents at our church. While I don't agree with some of the Pearl's doctrine, I do think this book has some great principles outlined for child rearing.


    Carol Connell

  4. Anything by Steve or Terri Maxwell ( I've read "Keeping Our Children's Hearts", "Preparing Sons To Provide for s Single-Income Family", but they other excellent books as well. I've met the family and kept up with them for years and have learned a lot from them, although, like almost anyone, I don't agree with everything they say.