Thursday, February 24, 2011

Parenting Myths

#1 You can immerse a foolish child in a room full of foolish children and expect something wise to come out of it.

#2 There are 2 Bibles one for adults and one for children.

#3 Children need to be segregated with other same aged children in church, and school.

#4 Children are too dumb, carnal, hyper (insert any excuse) to understand Biblical principals, the things of God need to be presented in an entertaining way as to compete with the world.

#5 Children are best taught about Jesus by the church and arithmetic by the government schools. All training should be outsourced by experts and professionals.

#6 If my child is not responding to Godly training then I should let that dictate how I train. I should cater my methods to how my child responds, and not the Bible.

#7 If I home school, spank, shelter and listen to Voddie Bauchman my children will turn out well and live for God. Wrong. I am starting to think smiling at them is more important than all the above combined.

#8 If children aren't socialized with worldly peers they wont know how to relate to them when they leave home.

#9 My children are called to be soul winners and they cant be light and salt unless they are immersed in public school and other age segregated cattle programs.

#10 All children go through stages of tantrum throwing , rebellion, hyper activity, (insert any sinful behavior) so I'm justified to ignore it and chalk it up as *just a stage*.


  1. Every parent should read these Myths!

  2. Great post from someone who has wisdom concerning children.