Friday, November 28, 2008


Materialism in America is out of control. Covetousness is the root of the problem.

Americans sit on the couch. Mindless zombies passively sucking in bad TV and suggestive advertising. The kind that says you gotta have this and that and you gotta have it now. Dont worry that you cant afford it.....just put it on your credit card at 26% with 35.00 late fees.(*cough* please dont ask me how I know about this) Marketing and advertising in conjunction with the media control the minds of America.

Wonder what the animals who killed the poor Walmart employee were shopping for? What was it they trampled a helpless man to buy? Hannah Montana sleep pants?A Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Mixer. Or more likely it was Electronics. More gadgets and gizmos to clutter up our homes and brains. Could of been that nice shiny new Flat Panel TV Console with Swivel Mount - for $94.00 or a new iPod? Who knows...

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