Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Homeschooling in the Flesh

Vision Forum,No Greater Joy,Denny Kenaston,Ted Tripp,Bill Gothard,....all these resources can change our lives,children and future for the good.....but if applied *in the flesh* can be very dangerous.

Most of us start out homeschooling with good Godly intentions but the enemy is not pleased so he knows if we wont follow The World then maybe he can get us to follow_______so rigidly that we turn into legalist. If he cant make you blatantly carnal he will make us go overboard into legalism......."Having begun in the Spirit are you now made perfect in the flesh?"

We understand a radical withdraw from The World is necessary for success...but If we dont put Jesus Christ at the *root* of our child training then we will bare rotten *fruit*.We all struggle with finding balance. I think a good gauge of wether or not we are veering into legalsim is a motive check. All the law is fulfilled in one your neighblor....are we truly trying to serve Him and others or are we looking for little human trophys to parade around?

Galatians 5 says that "the works of the flesh are manifest.".....this means that your own efforts will show up. And Paul tells us that these works are the results of seeking righteousness in the flesh...not unrighteousness.....Remember Eve was tempted with *being Godly* and God wanted Eve to be Godly but she sought godliness in the flesh.....with her senses and not her Spirit.Seeking righteousness outside of Christ will always produce filthy rags....always...

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