Friday, July 3, 2009

Facebook Myspace

Does Facebook edify?

Lawful yes, expedient ...probably not. I know there may be some good there but few can use these tools with moderation and selflessness. Myspace is about just that *MY* space, it ain't about you or your space. Facebook is a way for anyone with a computer and an ego to feel important. I know,I know *its a great way to get connected and to reunite with old friends* but these social networks can also be addictive and promote some serious selfishness.

I also think these networks break down walls of discretion, I know I dont want my husband connecting with girlfriends from his past and vice versa. I also know that if I connect with Sue she may be friends with that cute guy from Math class and who isnt going to check out ol' Toms profile? Do we really want to revisit the past? God doesnt want husbands and wives looking up old flames....but I know it happens.

1 Cor 10:23 All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.


  1. Very much agree with both of your posts on this and "Twitter", and in fact posted on this several months ago. I also hate TEXTING. Yup. TEXTING, and refuse to have it. I realize it's handy when you are in Tahiti and want to let everyone know you arrived safely, but I absolutely detest it when I have people at my house (or am with a group of people supposed to be fellowshipping )and there is constant texting. It interrupts good ONE-ON-ONE conversation. It has become a replacement for good manners, in my opinion.

    Like we really need these things to help us become more selfish...........

  2. Oh, and by the way, did your pastor happen to pass along my hello?

  3. My husband, who is also my pastor said no a while ago in our home to Facebook for most of the same reasons. I have my blog which takes up enough time, but I really don't consider that social networking. To me, it is mostly a ministry. Appreciate you sharing your convictions here.


    Carol Connell

  4. Hmmm...I reluctantly got a facebook account at my husband's encouragement, since we have moved a lot and have lovely friends in many places. It has actually been a big time-saver for me. I'm very cautious about the friend requests I approve. I think it's all in how you use it. For me, it's glorified email. However, if one tends to be easily addicted, I can see where it would be really unwise to have an account.

    I don't really get Twitter either (for myself), although I have friends who use it for business with great success.

  5. Well..I really disgree with you, I cannot speak for Mysapce, but Facebook is the greatest thing to connect and stay connected with friends, the wonderful thing is that you can choose who you want to connect with, but the application is great only for people that have many "Friends" and "Family", and another thing is, you should have enough confident in your husband where you dont have to worry about it, most people only have maybe one or three exes and about 100 friends.