Sunday, July 5, 2009


Twitter... What is the point?From what I understand it is just little blurbs through out the day... like...mine would read something like....

Eating a salad now
Bickered with husband
Changed babys diaper
Doing math with my son
Folded 2 loads of laundry

Riveting, I know.

Who cares? Is twitter just an outlet for anyone with a computer and an ego? Seriously, would someone please explain to me the purpose of Twitter and am I the only one who doesnt care that you are grooming your toenails and then off to choir practice?


  1. Hear Hear. I quite agree. Who cares? Goodness. I don't even have Facebook.

  2. haha! Your "twitter updates" made me laugh... I opened a twitter account a while ago and just ended up deleting it 'cause I basically forgot I even opened the account and never used it.

  3. I have a twitter, you are right pretty much a useless public IM/texting. LOL. I follow (what you do on Twitter) and they update with useful info. LOL. Music and News so that is cool, some of my friends put up daily quotes, so it's just a silly little fad. It'll pass away. LOL. Other than that, yeah, I follow lots of people that it's just a brag place. Hehe, I used it on my vacation, I posted Twitpics for my friends to me jealous of. HAHA

  4. Do you really just hate everything you dont understand! If everyone is enjoying, then maybe you aught to try to learn to enjoy it with them. Love People....

  5. It is a great way to network, if you have a business, but other than that not!