Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am picking out a stack of books from my own bookshelves to read.

I buy alot of books, many online, Amazon, Ebay, but I also buy books from thrift stores and used book stores. I look for the oldest rattiest looking spines and find old treasures about Christ and religion, marriage and family.

I have found that most non fiction books written after the 50s and 60s are mainly self help, while many books written before that era are truly about helping and esteeming others. More about Christ and His character within us instead of how we can get Him to conform to our image.

Seriously think about it. So much of what is written in our modern times is about I,ME,MY. So any way here is my stack that I would like to read soon.

What are you reading? Leave me a comment, I would love to know.


  1. I love books!! I bought 600 books from a garage sale one time and sold 400 of them on Amazon. It was a blast! I used to read novels only, but now I don't really have patience for it. I like to "live in the now" more, and so read things that pertain to me. Mostly it's Health and fitness, recipe books, and some financial books. I really love true-life adventure stories though, and am constantly on the look-out for those (hard to find ones without bad language though). Also, inspirational books by Christian women are uplifting and the "Chicken Soup" series.

  2. O Wow! Thats awesome~600 books.

    I would like to find more fiction that is not full of immorality. I would really like to find clean and funny fiction....been looking ...but doesnt seem to be alot out there like that.

  3. I just have to ask - with you living so far South - do you read Lucy Maud Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables)? She is a Canadian that lives in the early 1900's. If not, check them out. I have found that many Americans have never heard of her. I consider many of her books classics.

  4. Hi Darla!

    We do have the Anne of Green Gables set of books. I have read them aloud to my children...even the boys enjoyed. I had no idea LMM was from Canada.

  5. I love suspense. My most recent reading was False Witness by Randy Singer and Take One by Karen Kingsbury. Bounderies is a book & workbook I've been going through and I love reading books about missionaries like Sis. Nona Freeman and ladies like her. I see Dave Ramsey in your list and Bro. Booker!!!

  6. Thanks for the comment Tannco,

    Hey, did you know that Sis Nona Freeman lives in Fort Worth? I have Adventures of Bug & Me.

    Yes, I love Dave (saw him in person up in OK) and I just finished Bro. Bookers book...its good, I really appreciate Bro Booker. Remind me to tell you about the time I ran into him and his family in Colorado...

  7. My husband and I are currently reading "Flyboys" by James Bradley, who also authored Flags of Our Fathers. We are reading on the recommendation of a friend. It is not normally something that we would read but it is proving to be pretty good. I'll probably finish it though it has been a fairly arduous read. *feeble grin*
    Beside reading my Bible through, which I am finding a bit of a challenge at the moment, I do love to read Beverly Lewis. I like Emilie Barnes' devotional books for the artistry and poetic-like writings. I love cookbooks that are simple and lean toward old-fashioned home-cooking, i.e. Amish cookbooks.

  8. Oh, I just remembered: One of the most recent books that I've read is Scott Hamilton's "The Great Eight". It was a great help to me at that particular time because I was going through a very difficult time and this book was just what I needed. I found it quite by accident and felt that the Lord truly placed this book in my hands!