Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Just thinking about some of the desperate people in the Bible who got an answer from God. Well really more than an answer. Ive heard it said that everybody gets an answer to every prayer. It just may be "no"...or "not now"....or "yes but not how you thought"....or "Id like to do that but you don't care much so either do I".......Back to the people I want to focus on ....All these desperate people received a blessing.....a good answer,a positive answer. And then some. Many got more than they asked for. Much more.

God always answers, its just seems that many times His answer is directly commensurate to the passion of our request. Not only do we often get just *what* we ask for. Many times we get answers in relation to *how* we ask for it. Desperate prayers move God.

The woman with the issue of blood was desperate enough to push her way through a crowd and despite the rebuke of the disciples touch the hem of His garment.

The 4 friends of the man sick of the palsy were desperate enough to climb on the roof and tear up tiles to lower their friend down. They were rewarded not only with healing but forgiveness of sins.

Blind Bartemeaus was desperate enough to cry out to Jesus and when told to hush he cried out all the more.

David was desperate enough to dance before God and when shamed by his wife he danced even harder.

Jacob was so desperate he would not let God go until HE blessed him.

Zacchaeus was so desperate to see Jesus he climbed up in a tree. He was rewarded with a personal meeting with the Master.

The lady who was tormented day and night was so desperate she wearied the unjust judge until he gave in.

The centurion was so desperate for God to heal his son he believed Jesus only needed to speak the word....this desperate faith shocked even Jesus!

Gen 32:26 "I won't let you go until you bless me."


  1. Job was desperate for it to all end, but when he prayed for his friends it turned around. Great Post!
    Your husband

  2. Wow, great words!! I think I will keep reading for a bit.

  3. What a great post. I have enjoyed reading several post from your blog. This one gave me tears. Truly, the answers, blessing, miracle, etc. is available. Thanks you for reminding me that we need to DO something to receive. Thanks for stoping by my blog. If it's o.k. I am going to bookmark you & follow along.
    lv & blessings!