Monday, June 22, 2009


This is a response to a couple of comments left under this post...

I totally agree that it is the readers responsibility to discern whether our Christian resources promote *liberty in Christ or legalism*. However I do feel like some of these leaders who are indeed Christian Ministries also have a grave responsibility to use their influence to promote His agenda, not their own.

Matt 23:4 They tie up burdens that are heavy and unbearable and lay them on people's shoulders.....

The Bible particularly the NT is a book full of wisdom and principals with a wholelotta room to meet us right where we are at. It provides grace and allowances, I am amazed at how condescending some of these men and women come across. So many have little time for anything less than perfection....Christ came because He knew we AREN'T perfect. If we had it all figured out He could of bypassed that awful Cross.

Jesus was meek,lowly and very very humble. How can we put heavier burdens on one another than Jesus Himself put upon us? I really believe the root of this move towards legalism in the Homeschool community is feels good to live and look a certain portray the perfect family.

There is a common theme amongst these HS gurus of rules and regulations with little talk of grace, love and faith. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees because they placed so much weight on externals and outward performance and neglected mercy and justice.

Matt have neglected the more important matters of the law--justice, mercy and faithfulness.

Disclaimer...I have literally 100s of books about homeschool and these posts are a bit of confession, conviction and really just trying to think through what is important. I have a tendency to gravitate towards rules based *programs* because they are easy and feel good...what has helped me and I think would help alot of women who get caught up in these programs is consulting with and then listening to a stable husband. They are here for our protection because we are more easily deceived. I have seen this *protection* work many times in my own home and it may be the only reason we are not Amish....*wink*


  1. Again...great thoughts. :) My dh has taught me to gravitate toward those who gush Scripture rather than personal opinions w/ very little Scripture to back them up. I am eternally grateful to the Lord for the headship my dh provides.

    One other thought...just musing here...I remember reading something by a prominent Christian writer and noticing a serious lack of joy and grace and love. However, when I looked to other things he had written, I saw much joy and grace and love. I wonder if when a writer (myself included here) writes something with passion and purpose that is to make a point in one specific area, there is more of a chance to fail to offer a well-rounded approach? I think it would be difficult for an author to always give a full view of Scripture, especially when writing a very concise, short essay type article.

    Just my humble $.02

  2. Just a note here to say that I love your disclaimer! I have found consolation many times in consulting and listening to my wise husband. If it weren't for him, I don't know if I would have continued as far as I have in homeschooling. Our daughter is graduating from highschool on Saturday. In some ways, I feel I haven't done a very good job in homeschooling her. There are areas in which we have fallen short, but when I look at her character, I am very pleased and so thankful to God. All their lives, I have prayed for my children to develop their own relationship with God and to fall in love with the Word of God. It is a joy when you see that happening in their lives!I could say more but must go for now. God bless you as you continue in your homeschooling endeavors.

    Blessings in Christ,

    Carol Connell

  3. Amy
    Thanks for the comment, your hunny sounds like a smart guy...and what you said about it being difficult for an author to always give a full view of Scripture, especially when writing a very concise, short essay type article makes alot of sense thank you for adding that!

    Thank you for the comment and congratulations on graduating your daughter...

    when I look at her character, I am very pleased and so thankful to God

    I think character is so important and yet so overlooked, there are no character training classe in the PS....well I take that back, characters are shaped and molded just not into the image of Christ.