Friday, June 26, 2009

More on Modesty

Just checking off the uniform box fails to cultivate relationship with God. May feel good to our flesh but He is just simply not impressed. Modesty should be a natural outflowing of a heart that is bowed before God.

Modesty is not only for our own protection but more importantly it is to protect others. We are to love others like Christ loved them and therefore we refuse to tempt them with too much flesh. Christ never tempted His church, Christ never tempted the world. Remember who tempts? The devil, and when we tempt one another we are being the devil personified. I don’t know why God made men so *visual* but He did, so in order to show love and respect for men we should dress modestly.

Every one of our standards should be based on love for God and man. Not one of our standards is enough to win Him. Human efforts are an offense to the cross. Why did He shed His blood if our own righteousness can save us?I don't even like the term *Holiness Standard*. I think it somehow gives the connotation that having some sort of standard makes us holy and truly NOTHING can make us holy except for God. I know what it means, I just think it gives the wrong message. Like we could ever earn His favor.

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  1. Truly appreciate this post as I did the previous one on modesty. You are telling it like it is, and Sister that is exactly what we need!!! In the hour that we live in, our young people ( all of us too) need the strength that comes when true modesty is present.