Friday, June 26, 2009

Garden Gloating

First fruits from our garden. Our whole family has worked every day tilling, watering, weeding and planting. We have got 100s of tomatoes ripening. Green beans...Yummy! I can hardly eat a store bought tomato they are so flavorless. Homegrown is the way to go!! My kids are so proud to see the fruit of their efforts. They have enjoyed giving some of our bounty away to friends. Everybody LOVES fresh homegrown fruits and veggies. There is so much to learn from gardening. The law of the harvest for reap what you sow. Diligence pays. There is no rest outside of hard work. It brings you back to the important things in life -- connecting with the earth (can I say that and still maintain my conservative Christian status?)and celebrating God's creation.


  1. My mouth is watering! I have raised a small garden in the past and want to do so again. This year I'll have to go to the Farmer's Market!

    It is so true that gardening is such a good family activity and it does reinforce life lessons. My son is grown, but I recall fondly the times he and I spent in a garden.

    Also, I wanted to let you know your poll about music on a blog helped me make a decision. I put music on my blog early on, but was not sure I liked it. Just a few days ago I asked my husband what he thought. He thought I should keep it, but after reading your poll results, I decided to go with my "gut feeling."

  2. Your vegetables do look delicious. You're right about there being a lot you can learn through gardening. We don't have a garden, but we do have a yard with flowers, bushes and plants that my son and I work together. Often when I am pulling weeds,I think about how the Word says that we need to "keep our heart with all diligence" and be watchful of any "root of bitterness" that would spring up and trouble us and eventually harm others if it is not rooted out of our lives. Hope you and your family continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


    Carol Connell

  3. Gardening is so rewarding, isn't it? Looks like you've got a good harvest so far. I remember my parents always planted a huge garden when I was growing up. Of course, us kids were very much involved in pretty much all aspects of tending to it. So neat.

  4. Nothing like homegrown!!! Now that BunBun adopted our yard... no vegetable patch for a while. Before this, my grandchildren learned on the value of sowing and reaping. Now they grow their own.