Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Children. Blessing or Burden?

The children of thy servants shall continue and their seed shall be established before thee. Psalm 102:28
It is unfortunate that we have bought into the worldly lie that children are a burden.
Keeper at home? Whats that? Train them up in the way they should go? Day care and public school are there to train my children..... This is a worldly perspective that has permeated our churches until a couple who who has a large family is considered an exception and a weird exception at that. A wife who serves her family through ....well..... serving her family is a rarity.
What if Pentecost caught the vision that children really are a blessing? What if we all really believed that children are the parents sole responsibility? Children really are an heritage of the Lord? A reward?
What if mom and dad have 6 children and each of them have 6 children that would be 36 children.... follow this pattern for 5 generations add them all up including spouses and that is more than 10,000 descendants! Imagine the possibilities? Who needs 17 different kinds of ministries, puppets, clowns and a divorce recovery program? If we placed *relationship* with Christ and with one another back into the home/family what would happen?
Didn't God make you one? Your flesh and spirit belong to him. And what does the same God look for but Godly descendants? Malachi 2:15

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