Thursday, May 21, 2009

How Did Jesus Teach?

He kept everything very simple, simple for those that were listening and believing that is. Jesus' teaching appealed to the heart not the ego. He wasn't teaching His followers so that they could make alot of money, in fact He told several of His followers to give up those worldly ambitions. He wanted to convert hearts not just *puff up minds*.

He used lots of picture stories that all ages could understand. Jesus taught using parables, they always conveyed a moral lesson. Rich in symbolism and full of wisdom. Jesus used parables alot.

Jesus taught as He went form town to town. He taught by the seashore, under trees, as He was walking down the road.One time He even dropped to His knees and wrote with His finger in the dirt.Jesus knew that opportunities to teach abound in daily life.

He used things that were at hand and commonly used at that time...salt,bread,sheep, coins, seeds. (He didnt spend a ton on curriculum).He was patient with His followers and very practical.

Jesus met His *pupils* right where they were at. He taught all ages at the same time. He was a great teacher but never mentioned that education itself was important, rather He was always focused on the heart. His teachings appealed to the heart. He taught principals that instill wisdom and character. He taught us to love and serve. He taught that justice and mercy were much more important than rules and outward appearances.

.....Knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth. 1 Cor 8:1

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