Friday, May 8, 2009

One Another

The second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor, all the Law and the Prophets hang on this commandment. Law and Prophets mean the Old Testament(I think)...The Bible...Loving God and neighbor are the most important commandments and sums up the entire Bible! Now that is a powerful, isnt it? The entire purpose of the Bible and life and everything we do should be guaged on loving and serving Him and others. I thought this list might be a good reminder of exactly how we are to love *One Another*...

Bible “One Anothers”

  • Wash one another’s feet

  • Love one another

  • In honor preferring one another

  • Don’t judge one another

  • Receive one another

  • Salute one another

  • Greet one another

  • Serve one another

  • Don’t provoke one another or envy one another

  • Bear one another’s burdens

  • Forbear one another in love

  • Forgive one another

  • Teach and admonish one another with song

  • Comfort one another

  • Edify one another

  • Exhort one another

  • Consider one another to provoke unto love and good works.

1 comment:

  1. How about "love your enemy"? Oh, these are so easy to forget but so, SO necessary.

    Recently my sister tried putting into practice the "loving your enemy". They have a neighbor who has taken a very strong dislike to them and has called the commissionaire on many occasions for the slightest parking infractions (I mean literal inches too close to her driveway). The latest problem was because she observed that the renewal stickers on their license plates were not put on (they had just renewed them and had forgotten to put them day late) so called and had them ticketed. Can you imagine a neighbor with that kind of vendetta against you? I mean, this didn't even affect her at all, it was just plain meanness.

    My sister finally realized what she should have done all along.....she picked up a gift card, put in an envelope with a greeting card with some nice words, and left it in her neighbor's mailbox. I was totally convicted. This neighbor was irritating me, already!

    Keep up the deep, soul searching posts. I need them.