Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Here's an excerpt of an article I read recently

A new survey shows that the average teenager spends more than 80 hours a year looking at pornography on the Internet. That translates to an hour and 40 minutes a week. Of course, watching dirty movies is not all the kids are doing on the Internet. They're also spending an hour-and-a-half on dieting Web sites and one hour researching cosmetic surgery.

Of course Internet filters and Internet rules are good and should be in every home but I am thinking the problem here is not the Internet, rather this is an indicator of serious heart problems amongst our teens.


  1. Staggering... You are absolutely right, the problem is not the Internet or the TV.
    This generation is in dire need. God help us to do our part to reach the young people, in the world and on our pews.

  2. Exactly! The internet is a tool. Porn doesn't pop up unless you seek it out.
    However, have you seen the Christian dating banner with the big busted woman in a tank top? {eyeroll}