Monday, May 11, 2009

The Real Jesus

The world is upside down. It promotes and pumps out the exact opposite of what the Lord is trying to teach us. One of the ongoing themes of the Bible is Death Burial Resurrection. This theme is contrary to everything we selfish humans are inclined to live. Die? Be buried? Now the Resurrection that part I can do...the glorious miraculous part.....I can handle that! But without a death and burial there cant be a resurrection. We too often try to bypass the dead and buried part.

The Bible teaches us that if you want to live then you have to die. If you want to be exalted then you have to be abased. If you want to be first then you have to be last. If you want to receive then you have to give. If you want to be wealthy then you have to become poor. If you want great friends you have to chose the poor outcast as your friend. All of this sounds hard doesn't it? But think about it.....our Lord Jesus Christ lived this way. Born in a stable He came as one who served. Clothed in humility. Taking the fall when falsey accused, not even opening His mouth.

His whole life was one of entire renunciation of His royalty. He redeemed the entire world through a display of weakness. Despising the shame....He endured. He made himself of no reputation. He asked/begged to let the cup pass but nevertheless......He died. God. Our Saviour came into town riding on a borrowed donkey. Washing feet. Fully God He became a servant.

We too have the power to redeem others as it is no longer our selfishness that lives but Christ and His humility in us. We too can change and transform lives. It may not be through a powerful display of mighty anointing. Perhaps like Jesus we can take the blame when wrongly accused. By giving and serving with no appreciation or reward. Forgiving and loving in spite of being wronged. By taking in the sins of others we are perpetuating the redemptive power of Christ. Loving and saving the enemy while they are yet sinners and enemies.Generously serving a husband who has sinned against us.Extending mercy and grace to the guilty.Now that is Christs way. We actually have the power to *save* others. By death humility and suffering.

Anyone want to really be like Jesus?

1 Peter 3:14 But in fact, if you happen to suffer for doing what is right, you are blessed.

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